Process 5X increase in invoice volume without additional headcount


Reduction in invoice processing costs


lower exceptions in invoice processing

Intelligent Touchless AP Automation

Zoyer supports a complete touchless process for the account payables cycle. spanning invoice capture, validation approvals, payments and reconciliation. By investing in an entirely digital platform, within weeks, AP teams can eliminate manual work, grow with a lower cost structure and reposition themselves as a strategic value partner.

Integrate budgets with accounts
payable for better control

Businesses can align budget allocation efforts with spend management to improve oversight and track out of budget spends. The budget management module manages all budget types: Operational (OPEX), Capital Expenditures (CAPEX), Project-based, and Contract- based by each cost centre

Design flexible approval
workflows for POs invoices
and approvals

Businesses can digitalise core workflows for purchase orders, invoice processing and payments aligned to organizational policies. Advanced workflow modules provide complete flexibility to configure simple or complex approval hierarchies based on specific attributes -- cost centre, department, invoice amount, due date – tailored to specific business needs. Digitalised workflows ensure all invoices are automatically captured, assigned to the proper workflow and routed electronically for approval to keep business moving.

Pre-approve every invoice

The accounts payable process is fully integrated with the requisition process, Employees can easily upload electronic POs that are automatically routed based on pre-configured rules for approval. Once approved, the PO is released, the invoice is automatically matched to the PO, and the receipt is automatically matched to the invoice, creating a 3-way match and eliminating errors.

Intelligent data capture

Zoyer supports advanced digital data extraction capabilities and optical character recognition to extract relevant information from PDF invoices, including header and line-level details. Users can manually override data to make appropriate adjustments where necessary to improve accuracy.

Match and pay with confidence

Automated invoice processing uses 2-way or 3-way matching rules to ensure invoices align with the goods or services being billed and purchase orders. Invoices are automatically validated line-by-line against POs or contracts, without any human intervention. Matched invoices are automatically routed and billed to the right expense accounts. The ability to dynamically flag variances for resolution, even before the invoice enters the approval stream, minimises the risk of financial misstatement and fraud.

Manage exceptions

Improve processing efficiency by setting tolerance levels for out of budget spends. Invoices that exceed permissible thresholds are routed through an exception handling workflow for resolution. The relax rules can be defined in percentage or absolute amount terms and are enforced in event of a mismatch between

Billed quantity and received quantity
Price exceeds purchase order schedule price
Invoice price exceeds allocated budget

Approvals made simple

Approvers can review and approve invoices directly from the mobile app, web, email or What’s App to reduce follow-ups and speed overall clearance process. The invoice documents and history are stored in the AP Automation system and can be accessed anytime for faster and better invoice decisioning.

Proactive alerts for speed

Automated approval reminders including prebuilt notifications for upcoming, pending, or overdue payments, free employees and AP teams from manually following up for approvals.

Easy to use mobile app

Fully functional mobile app provides executives the ability to easily access, review and approve invoices right from their phones, minimising delays and smoothening the accounts payable process.

  • Review and approve purchase orders
  • Review invoices that require approval
  • Gain complete visibility into invoice details
  • Take actions to approve or reject invoices
  • Receive notifications from purchases that need attention.
  • Retain visibility into past actions using action history
  • Use in-platform comments to increase transparency and context around each request.

Compliant invoicing

Zoyer is compliant with India-specific taxation and accounting regulations, lowering compliance overheads and giving businesses more time to focus on running the business All invoices and POs are securely archived in compliance with tax and accounting regulations for document storage and retrieval. Zoyer teams constantly tracks policy changes to adjust internal processes accordingly.