Single source of truth for enterprise-wide spends

Consolidated reporting provides an aggregate and drill-down view into spending, allow businesses to analyse trends by category, department, and more and connect insights back to the overall business goals.

  • Identify and realise strategic opportunities for sustainable cost optimization
  • Enable organisations to be more strategic with their sourcing and supplier assessments,
  • Track spend commitment and improve the accuracy of cash flow planning
  • Better manage trade-offs between payables and budgets
  • Real-time transparency lowers exposure to, errors, reduces risk and improves compliance.
  • Strengthen governance and instil a culture of financial discipline and accountability

Actionable reports bring enterprise-wide benefits

Empower business stakeholders with access to preconfigured reports and dashboards. Businesses can define different levels of access, ensuring users only see data sets relevant to them.

AP Teams

Streamline invoice processing and bring in greater efficiency

Finance Teams

Prioritise opportunities for process improvement, savings and growth


Easily track pending and approved invoices as well as compliance with overall budgets


Track invoice and payment status

Convenient, quick access view into invoice activity

Provides an accurate picture of total AP liabilities and all unpaid and partially paid invoices. The reports help businesses track outstanding payables, streamline processes and reconcile balances with the bank for proper financial reporting

  • Invoice Trend Reports
  • Map Invoices to Budget Reports
  • Invoice by Supplier Reports
  • Invoices by Cost Centre Reports
  • Invoice Status Report
  • Invoice Due Report
  • Ageing Invoice Report
  • Invoice Exception Report
  • Invoice Timelines Report
  • Discounts Captured Report

Optimise the payment mix

Gain visibility into payments and payment modes used for processing invoices. The insights enables better decisions on rebalancing the payment mix for optimised transaction processing costs.

  • Total payments by cost centre, and vendor for any periodicity
  • Payment by instrument type – Card, Payment Gateway, Net Banking, Real-time Payment

Improve supply chain efficiencies

Insights into payables at a per-vendor level enable businesses to negotiate better payment terms and optimise invoice-to-pay processes

  • Payment Reports
  • Goods Delivery Status Reports
  • Supplier KYC Reports
  • Outstanding Payments Reports
  • Payment Status Reports

Suppliers can log into the supplier portal to view reports specific to them.