Future proof architecture

Built on the Amazon cloud, Zoyer’s highly performant architecture supports seamless scalability and reliability.


Accelerate speed of deployment
Simplify systems and operations
On-demand scalability
Improve performance and resilience

Integration friendly architecture

Zoyer’s open platform uses robust APIs, and out of the box connectors to rapidly integrate Zoyer into the enterprise IT landscape Use Zoyer’s APIs to improve time to value and seamlessly integrate with existing ERP and accounting systems, banking partners, reporting and reconciliation platforms

  • Accounting systems
  • ERP systems
  • Banking partners
  • Card issuance partners

Delivers world-class assurance and reliability

Zoyer leverages the best of next generation technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide complete AP automation with a guarantee of scalability, global high availability and security.

Optimised TCO

Complete compliance and outsourced maintenance and operations.

Accelerated innovation

Futureproof your application through continuous innovation


Dynamic elasticity to meet growing volumes with zero downtime to procure new capacity

Total reliability

Support for failovers and disaster recovery

Comprehensive security

Safeguard data against threats and fraudulent activity

Openness and agility

Engage and innovate with external partner ecosystem to bring new digital offerings to maximize customer value.

Endlessly configurable

The platform is highly configurable and extensible enabling businesses configure processes to suit diverse business requirements.

Ready to modernise
accounts payable

Gain free, hands-on experience with Zoyer. Our cloud-native platform incorporates rich functionality, automatic upgrades, low start-up costs, and zero installation

Access Zoyer features for 30 days, and decide which plan best suits your business.

  • Safe and secure
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