AP Automation

Accounts payable (AP) automation digitalises the complete invoice-to-pay workflow, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks, minimizing errors, and increasing control over company spending.  The process spans:

  • onboarding suppliers
  • requisitioning POs
  • raising and capturing invoice
  • authorising invoices
  • payment execution and
  • integration with HRMS, Accounting, and ERP systems for the exchange of data

Zaggle’s research shows manual processes cost between $5 upward per invoice and the average time spend processing transactions ranges between 20-40 hours per month. AP automation enables finance departments to implement touchless processes, which offer several benefits including:

  • 90% savings in time and cost of processing due to touchless processing
  • 100% spend visibility through complete and high-quality invoice data for improved decisioning
  • reduced exception handling which frees time for AP teams
  • ability to leverage early payment discounts through faster invoice processing
  • maximize days payable outstanding, and optimize cash flow
  • access an instant line of credit to finance payables

Zoyer enables businesses to reduce the time and cost of invoice processing by 90%. To draw a business case for implementing AP automation within your company, you need to evaluate:

  • total AP spend calculated in terms of average cost per invoice type
  • average invoice processing time
  • discounts captured vs discounts offered
  • late payments and penalties
  • member of supplier enquiries, discrepancies and disputes, and
  • percentage of straight-through invoice processing

The experts at Zaggle can help you build a business case for accounts payable digitalisation. We also support corporates with a 30-day free trial of our platform. Contact us to understand the return on investment.

Zoyer offers two-way and three-way invoice matching. To reduce incorrect data and fraudulent invoices from entering the approval stream, the invoices are matched with the Purchase Order and the Goods Received Note, and any exceptions are flagged in real-time.

Zoyer supports OCR (optical character recognition) technology. The system automatically captures data from any invoice, eliminating tedious invoice and line-level data entry. Zoyer can also integrate with accounting software to capture data.

Architected on an API-first principle, Zoyer integrates with any existing ERP and accounting systems within the enterprise.

Zoyer supports multiple payment rails enabling businesses to process 100% of their invoices digitally.  Current This includes real-time payments (IMPS, UPI in India) NEFT, RTGS, Corporate bank accounts, commercial credit cards (Zaggle founderscard, Zaggle commercial credit cards and other bank credit cards), and corporate bank accounts – providing businesses with a choice of payment modes to pay their suppliers. Additionally, the payment functionality is built into the Zoyer platform and does not require AP practitioners to log into multiple systems to make payments, alleviating reconciliation overheads related to collating data from multiple systems.

The implementation time can range between 21 days and 45 days and is contingent on the customer’s current enterprise accounting and ERP environment and the number of backend systems that Zoyer needs to integrate with.

Zoyer offers a set of comprehensive security features including encryption for data in transit and at rest, comprehensive system access controls, and two-factor authentication – to safeguard financial data.

Yes, with AP automation, invoices and other invoice-related documents are stored electronically. Online archival ensures businesses have easy access to invoices and other transaction-related documents anytime, from anywhere which helps with the reporting and the financial auditory process.

Vendor payments made through Zoyer are dependent on the Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) terms contracted with the supplier. Zoyer captures these terms and allows customers to configure auto-reminders based on the invoice payment due date.

Zoyer offers businesses the complete flexibility to tailor processes in line with their requirements. A parametrised system enables businesses to map organizational hierarchy and provides the flexibility to configure approval workflows and payment processes.

The platform has built-in checks validate all invoices on arrival and flag any duplicate invoices. This stops finance teams from making duplicate payments in the first place instead of having to recover the money after the fact.

Zoyer automates and optimises vendor onboarding, The buyer organization can enrol suppliers onto the platform by submitting relevant company information, company details, company registration identification number and taxation number. Alternatively, suppliers can onboard themselves using the Zoyer supplier portal.

Suppliers can use the web portal or the mobile app to self-onboard, receive and submit invoices and check the status of payments in real-time, improving collaboration efficiency and significantly reducing the number of supplier inquiries directed to the AP department.

Zoyer supports configurable retention policies, and normally the retention period depends on state law.

For enterprises with complex organizational hierarchies and integrations, Zoyer performs a fitment study for integrations needed with enterprise systems All businesses onboarded on the Zoyer platform can avail Zaggle support services during business hours. Further customer success teams work closely with businesses to proactively obtain feedback, which is funnelled into product and process improvements.

On initial deployment, the OCR success rate can range between 75% and 80%.  ML algorithms underlying our OCR technology, however, continually learn from invoice data and within a few weeks, the success rate can be as high as 90% – 95%.


  • founderscard is South Asia’s first Visa Infinite Business Credit Card curated for mid-market enterprises
  • It is a Business Credit Card exclusively designed to address the financial needs of mid-market enterprises and start-ups to pay for business expenses
  • Card is issued in partnership with Indus Ind Bank with a range of offers and benefits

  • Businesses can use the card online and offline to pay for any expenses for business purposes. This includes e-commerce purchase of material, finished goods, digital marketing as well as for business expenses like travel booking, fuel, business meeting/food bills
  • For all the expenses on the card business earn cashback and reward points, additionally, businesses will be eligible for a host of other benefits as a Visa Infinite card user

  • Businesses need to open a fixed deposit with partner banks for card issuance.
  • The fixed deposit earns interest at the rate of 6% per annum and businesses receive a credit limit of 90% of the value of the fixed deposit.
  • The fixed deposit continues to earn interest; thus businesses are using the money that would have otherwise been idle in the current account to get a credit facility for their business
  • Businesses save interest on the 45-day credit period which otherwise would have been required to be paid upfront
  • Subsequently basis transactions and repayment behaviour, the card can be transitioned to an unsecured card.

Corporate Credit Cards

Zoyer is enabled to accept payments from all major network partners like VISA and Rupay. We also facilitate corporate card issuance through Zaggle founderscard and corporate credit cards in collaboration with banking partners.

Using a credit card as a payment instrument allows businesses to enjoy a 51-day interest-free period and helps the business to increase DPO (Days Payable Outstanding). Zaggle can also work with businesses to create a customized commercial arrangement basis committed payment volume.

Zoyer does not store card information from its customers. In line with regulatory guidelines our payment processing partners tokenise sensitive card information, which increases security and limits any potential opportunities for negative data security impact. Further, all payment data is encrypted.

The settlement cycle depends on the agreement between the merchant and the aggregator. In most cases, the payments get settled on the T+1 cycle.

No, as per banking regulations, you cannot transfer money to your bank account. The responsibility of adhering to banking norms lies with the payment initiator.

Zoyer does not place a cap on the number of business payments. Additionally, businesses while defining workflows can set payment limits based on volume, value and frequency for users within the system.

Businesses that opt for the Zaggle founderscard, get 2 reward points (1 reward point = 0.50 INR) and 100 INR spent on the card. For other corporate cards, you will receive rewards points as per the credit card issuer’s reward program.

Yes. You can make payments using real-time payment, card or bank rails. However, you will not get the advantage of any interest-free credit which will be readily available to you when you use the credit card as a payment instrument.

In case, where the payment was unsuccessful, but money was deducted from the credit card, the amount is refunded in line with the rules governing the auto reversal process on the credit card.

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