Traditional accounts payable
processes are expensive

Efficient and effective accounts payable processes are at the heart of business. Traditionally accounts payable departments have been predominantly reliant on resource-heavy, manual or semi-automated processes to manage spends across multiple business lines, multiple geographies and multiple spend categories. For rapidly growing business, in an increasingly digitized present, manual processes hamstring agility and lead to low visibility into cash outflows heightened chances of errors, and lengthy financial close cycles.

Make the move to a modern
accounts payable platform

Zoyer, an accounts payable and payments automation platform, helps organizations evolve accounts payable into a strategic, data-led, function. By embedding automation and intelligence into core invoice to pay process workflows, the platform empowers finance leaders with a single line of sight to improve efficiency of enterprise-wide spend decisioning to maximize the value of every dollar spent and optimise outgoing cash flows.

Proven to deliver outstanding business value

Best-in-class AP performance metrics


Acceleration in invoice to pay cycles


Reduction in invoice processing costs


Reduction in invoice exceptions requiring manual intervention


Reduction in maverick buying


Productivity improvements in managing invoices across departments

Integrated solution accelerates AP transformation

Zoyer unites accounts payable automation and payment processing onto a single platform to provide full control and visibility over corporate spends.

You can have it all by
automating AP

  • Accelerate invoice processing
  • Streamline your entire payment mix
  • Earn cashback rebates on digital payments
  • Reduce costs and speed payments
  • Seamless integration with ERPs, internal systems and platforms

Why Zaggle Zoyer as your AP transformation partner?

Leader in B2B payments

Zaggle, India’s leading B2B spend management company and prepaid card issuer, caters to 1,750+ corporates spanning large enterprises and small business.

Expansive partner ecosystem

Our strong, vibrant partner ecosystem comprising Tier One banks, payments processors, cloud service providers.

Future-proof platform

Regular cadence of innovative and continuous investments in advanced technologies enable business to adapt strategies to evolving business need

Cost and service predictability

Benefit from simple and transparent commercial models and achieve greater savings compared to other market solutions

Implement in days, not months

With a modern, cloud-based, business spend management platform, prolonged deployment cycles are a thing of the past.

Leverage a modern platform to streamline accounts payable

Zoyer Invoice Management

Intelligent rule-based workflows to manage PO and invoice processing cycles within the accounts payable process.

  • Configure simple and multi-level workflows tailored to organizational need
  • Intelligent touchless process for invoice processing
  • Auto-validate and approve purchase orders and invoices
  • Match invoices and purchase orders to proactively detect exceptions
  • Monitor invoice status across the approval life stage
  • Dynamic alerts

Zoyer Vendor Management

Frictionless invoice fulfilment process solidifies relations with suppliers and empowers teams

  • Dedicated self-serve portal to view purchase orders, send invoices, real-time payment status for electronic invoices
  • Collaboration tools for real-time interaction across all stages of the lifecycle
  • Centralised vendor repository to manage spends

Zoyer Pay

Embedded card and non-card payments into core payable workflows aid businesses to leverage cost-efficient payment instruments, extend Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) to conserve cash or benefit from early-pay discounts and virtual card rebates.

  • Multiple payment options
  • Just-intime Real-time Supplier Payments
  • Corporate Cards (Physical and Virtual) with card controls
  • Payment Gateway
  • Corporate Account
  • Bank Transfers

Zoyer Lens

Advanced analytics provide real-time insights into spends and wider procurement behaviour, enabling businesses to unlock savings hidden in spend data

  • Rich visual dashboards for Big Picture and drill down views
  • Analyse spends patterns by geography, line of business, payment modes suppliers, cost categories and other parameters
  • Maps spend to annual operating plan, thereby improving budgetary compliance
  • Visibility into each step of the invoice process enables teams to refine processes around extraction, frauds, and dispute

Zoyer Sync

Out of the box connectors for integrations with enterprise and external systems makes it easy to onboard AP workflow automation within predictable time and costs

  • HRMS /ERP/Accounting systems
  • Bank partners
  • Card issuance platforms

Shared benefits across the business


Optimise cash outflows by getting control and visibility into 100% of your spend, and empowering teams with the technology and expertise to spend smarter.


Visibility into where purchasing dollars are channeled improve negotiation efficiency, enabling procurement teams to secure better volume discounts and payment terms.


Ability to map spends to annual operating plan enables real-time variance tracking, prevents cost overruns and improves budgetary compliance.


Autonomy to spend within defined limits, make it easy for employees to source what they need quickly while saving time from tedious activities such as internal follow-ups for approvals and payments.


Faster processing and fewer payment delays builds goodwill
and leads to stronger supplier relationships and fewer complaints.


SaaS-based offering integrates with existing enterprise systems and can be implemented without requiring the more resource-intensive type of digital-transformation.

Smarter accounts payable for every industry

Financial, accounting, and procurement professionals across multiple industries from retail to healthcare count on us to be their accounts payable and payment automation company.

IT Companies
E-commerce Marketplaces

Ready to modernise
accounts payable

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